Say what you will about Tim Tebow, believe what you want to believe about him because I am not here to sell you on him. I am here to talk about a lesson that became painfully apparent for those watching when he was cut by the New York Jets this off season. It is a lesson to which those of us in the corporate world should pay close attention.

In one of my last posts on my previous blog site, Stuck In The Middle, I talked about the changing landscape for most organizations and in particular, the impact change is having on our field as HR/talent practitioners.

And so today, I am here to ask you, what have you done to support this change? I am talking beyond just supporting the business by talking about the change. I want specifics. I want to know how you’re helping to push our field forward and I want to know what you’re strategy is for moving people through the inevitable change and how you’re helping them cope.

Golf ball. Just short.

Last week at the Players Championship, Tiger Woods played 275 shots over 4 days. He won by only 2 strokes over 3 other world class golfers. That means he was less than 3/4% better. He only played 1 in 137 shots better than the others. He only had to play 2% better than the next 13 other golfers to win. He walked away with $1.7M. They got $709K down to $237K. But, what if golf was like sales? What if no one got paid for second place? 77 golfers got paid that day. In sales, 76 would have gone home empty handed.

In a recent study by Price Water House Coopers, 53% of CEO’s said that they see a lack of skills as a major challenge facing their organization. So, what’s being done about this? Has your organization made any significant changes to help up –skill your employees? Are you investing dollars in the learning and development functions? Or are you hoping that benign neglect will eventually work for you and that the university system will start pumping out more highly qualified employees than ever?

Moe Glenner

Ask yourself this question: Who controls life events? Or better yet, who is doing the influencing of these events? How many times do situations present themselves and seem hopeless and thus resigned to whatever fate presents?



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