Golf ball. Just short.

Last week at the Players Championship, Tiger Woods played 275 shots over 4 days. He won by only 2 strokes over 3 other world class golfers. That means he was less than 3/4% better. He only played 1 in 137 shots better than the others. He only had to play 2% better than the next 13 other golfers to win. He walked away with $1.7M. They got $709K down to $237K. But, what if golf was like sales? What if no one got paid for second place? 77 golfers got paid that day. In sales, 76 would have gone home empty handed.

In a recent study by Price Water House Coopers, 53% of CEO’s said that they see a lack of skills as a major challenge facing their organization. So, what’s being done about this? Has your organization made any significant changes to help up –skill your employees? Are you investing dollars in the learning and development functions? Or are you hoping that benign neglect will eventually work for you and that the university system will start pumping out more highly qualified employees than ever?

Moe Glenner

Ask yourself this question: Who controls life events? Or better yet, who is doing the influencing of these events? How many times do situations present themselves and seem hopeless and thus resigned to whatever fate presents?

Universal Problem…

As I’ve been invited to speak and work with companies over the past two decades, one of the reoccurring thorns in the side of every executive is the difficulty in forecasting accurately.

59% the percentage Bloomberg reported of the S&P 500 companies who missed their sales forecast in Q3:2012.

Why is it so embarrassing to admit we need help?

Don’t we all need help every day of some kind?

We ask an executive assistant for help calling someone back…or setting an appointment.

We ask someone to make us lunch at Arby’s.

We ask the pilot to fly the plane and flight attendant for a drink.

We ask the dog to stop barking, the kids to play nicely and our projector to connect quickly to get the presentation started.



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