Universal Problem…

As I’ve been invited to speak and work with companies over the past two decades, one of the reoccurring thorns in the side of every executive is the difficulty in forecasting accurately.

59% the percentage Bloomberg reported of the S&P 500 companies who missed their sales forecast in Q3:2012.

Why is it so embarrassing to admit we need help?

Don’t we all need help every day of some kind?

We ask an executive assistant for help calling someone back…or setting an appointment.

We ask someone to make us lunch at Arby’s.

We ask the pilot to fly the plane and flight attendant for a drink.

We ask the dog to stop barking, the kids to play nicely and our projector to connect quickly to get the presentation started.

Reality (in business) is often looking in the mirror but wearing an invisibility cloak. We look straight past our current situation without seeing what we’re doing in our daily role. Because we’re invisible (going through the motions), we often miss what’s really going on.

This story is specific but in reality it’s more common than not across all enterprises.

Journey Healing Centers are world-class locations that surround you with warmth and serenity to help a person heal from the curse of alcoholism and drug addiction. Started by a former victim of addiction and his wife, who are not venture capitalists, clinical psychologists, or serial entrepreneurs, these rehabilitation centers are hugely more successful compared to the averages. Josh Lannon’s example is not a "success by landing into the lap of opportunity" story. It is a story of "success by design".

When a 75 year old man commits suicide in front of a speeding train because he lost a big chunk of his billions, while still holding on to $8 billions, it makes you feel quite certain that Heaven and Hell are not interglactic locations but rather our own states of minds. I bet what he left behind would have made the heavens (at least momentarily) for a lot of people. But at least the old man got out of his misery, even if it was all self created.



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