David DiMartile

Dave is an experienced executive, having spent thirty-seven years in the auto industry in a variety of senior roles undertaking some of the most formidable business challenges. During his professional career, Dave developed and implemented performance-measurement systems linking employee performance to the achievement of business achievements.

   Steve Mundahl

Steven Mundahl is the CEO of Goodwill Industries in Springfield, MA. He teaches leadership in the graduate program at Bay Path College. Mundahl is the author of several books: “Living the Goodwill Burn,” “100 Years of Goodwill,” “Driven to Succeed,” “There is Power in Belief,” and others. His latest book is “The Alchemy of Authentic Leadership”.

   Peter C Diamond

Peter C. Diamond, “The Amplify Guy”, is a professionally trained, certified coach. He works with hundreds of senior-level executives and others to guide them through change, ranging from navigating career shifts and creating better work-life fulfillment to greater career and leadership enlightenment, and renewed self-respect.

   Devora Zack

Devora Zack is author of the newly published Singletasking (Berrett-Koehler 2015), as well as the internationally released, award-winning Networking for People Who Hate Networking (Berrett-Koehler 2010) and Managing for People Who Hate Managing (Berrett-Koehler 2012).

   Colin Baird

Colin D. Baird, Vice President, Sullivan Curtis Monroe, implements strategies and process improvements that improve operating efficiencies using a holistic approach to reducing risks related to people, excess motion, and waste. His approach mirrors those developed by Toyota Production Systems (TPS). By teaching leaders how to spot and eliminate waste, stakeholders achieve greater operating efficiencies while improving their organization’s culture and employee engagement.



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