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What motivates sales managers

Sales management is expected to keep the front line—the sales team—motivated to contribute to the company’s bottom line.

But, how can someone motivate others if they themselves are not motivated?

You already know that motivation is not something you do to another. You can only motivate yourself. As the sales manager, all you can do is create an environment in which each team member motivates themselves.

So, what motivates sales managers? How do they stay motivated? We can draw valuable insights from the results of the Insigniam 2014 Middle Management Survey.

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Working in the corporate world, I quickly became demotivated when I was told what to do. It was as if I did not know my job, was not trusted, engaged, or empowered—all necessary elements of a high-performing team.

I challenged my boss one day when she came into my office telling me what I needed to do. Her instruction made me feel unimportant, I said.

“How should I manage you?” she asked in turn.

I suggested she try asking me and other team members instead of telling us; engaging us made us a more productive team.

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One of the toughest parts of being a leader is giving and getting feedback. Without feedback no one knows where they stand. Input from those involved is a must-do when it comes to overall performance and productivity.

Today is feedback day. Conduct casual one-on-one interviews with team members—from those who contributed heavily first, to recognize their appropriate behaviors; to those who did not contribute at all, to get them more involved.

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When you conduct performance reviews, you have the opportunity to make a difference. That difference relates to your team members and their desires, which in turn translates to reaching corporate objectives. Allow me to explain.

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Can you imagine your life as you want it to be? Great!

Are you stalled in getting there?  Take heart—you have it within you to succeed. These 12 tips will help.

1. Wake up with an attitude of appreciation. Why? Because you woke up! Asked “How are you today?” your answer should be “fantastic, excellent, or great.” G.R.E.A.T. stands for Getting Really Excited About Today. You are excited because you woke up—you can see, hear, walk, talk… Today could be your last day. Why not make it the greatest day of your life?



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