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Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan are behavioral researchers and strategists, specializing in behaviors and belief systems. They have won business awards around the world for Innovation, Creativity and Return on Investment working with such organizations as Coca-Cola, Unilever, News Corp and the United Nations in Singapore

As the hierarchical model of leadership has fallen from favor, there has been a trend towards the “buddy model” where leaders are increasingly inclusive in their decision-making and more openly consultative.

This has been incredibly useful, as industries have moved from a more linear, process-driven mode of operation to more creative and adaptable business applications.

The word “innovation” is such a constant in meetings around the world that it has almost become a contender for “corporate buzzword bingo.” Although it is often over-used it is not always well understood in terms of how it should be implemented into organizational culture, or even how it might be best used as a frame for evaluating business strategy.

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Today leaders are largely defined by two characteristics: an aptitude for making hard decisions; for reading situations and demonstrating credible judgment whilst amplifying certainty, and secondly, an ability to influence others; to persuade, to inspire and to shift hearts and minds.

Both of these characteristics are informed by a leader’s capacity for insight, their understanding of what drives human behavior.



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