David J. Greer

David J. Greer has been an investor, consultant and employee to a number of technology companies, focusing on turning ideas into products, messaging and results. He now works directly with entrepreneurs to help them bridge to the next level of results.

I believe that the #1 job of a CEO is to create more leaders. A business can only grow as fast as the people who lead it grow. To do this, you need to actively build the leadership skills. The CEOs primary job is to make sure that the senior management team are all A-players and then hold them accountable to measurable outcomes. There are always times when the CEO is doing too much. It takes conscious choice as CEO to build leadership so that you can step back to look at the bigger strategic picture and vision for your business by delegating most tasks to your team.

Email is the scourge of our modern times. When I co-invented host-based email with my former partner Bob Green in 1984 it was because we found the telephone interrupted our creative processes. We wanted a way to communicate over mundane tasks, like when and where we would meet for lunch next week, without having to interrupt each other. We liked snail mail because the recipient could decide when they wanted to look for it.

Where do you do your best creative work? As CEOs, we often ignore this simple question, believing that we have to be seen in the office to be seen to be leading. Few of us are creative when we are chained to a desk. As the ultimate leaders of our businesses, we have to be the most creative individuals of all. Which means that we need to be aware of those places and activities which give us our most creative ideas.

People Smiling and Connecting

You are standing outside your office door having just walked into the building for the first time today. As you contemplate sitting down to get to the first tasks of the day done, you make a decision to turn around and walk around the office. You make sure that you connect with each of your first reports, being curious about how each individual is doing today. Only after having walked around and connected do you return to your office to work on what is next.

Dream Your Vision

Sitting above the clouds let's us dream about the future for our business, but blocking off time and getting off site with your team is how you make that dream a reality.



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