Leslie Ungar

President of Electric Impulse Communications, Inc.
Akron, Ohio

I love the presidential primary season. Most Americans say they hate it, but I love it for  Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and even Bernie Sanders and his 90% tax proposal. The Donald is used to saying whatever he wants, whenever he wants to say it. So in his speech to announce his “candidacy” he called immigrants from Mexico rapists and basically sex offenders and drug lords.

Congrats on your child’s recent graduation. You were probably fortunate enough to hear a great commencement speaker at a college graduation. Robert De Niro, Maya Rudolph, Jon Bon Jovi, the Obama’s, and Flo from the Progressive Insurance Commercials were all commencement speakers this graduation season. They probably told their young audiences that opportunities were limitless, the world was your oyster, and to follow your passion. But did they tell them how?

I admit it; I had a lot of problems with Sarah Palin the candidate. What I had the most problem with her when she was running for Vice President of this country was her attitude about education and elitism. With her degree from University of Idaho in hand, she routinely criticized an Ivy League education. She extolled the virtues of First Dude as well as her tour through North Idaho College, University of Hawaii at Hilo, and community college in Coeur d’Alene. Pictured next to her fallen dead bloody moose she was supposed to be the “everyman.” Here’s the problem.

There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. When I competed in horse shows at the national level, I can say that it took a village of people to get one horse and rider into the ring. My mom was not a horse expert. She did not ride; she did not clean tack or stalls. Her value was in being the safety pin lady. She hid safety pins all over her that I could use at a moment’s notice. Big pins, little pins, you have no idea how many safety pins it took to get one person into the show ring.


A recent trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico yielded two lessons in protecting a brand and protecting your value. Although the little locally owned store may seem miles away from the international golden arches, each had a story to tell about value.



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