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Dr. Linda Henman is one of those rare experts who can say she’s a coach, consultant, speaker, and author. For more than 30 years, she has worked with Fortune 500 Companies and small businesses that want to think strategically, grow dramatically, promote intelligently, and compete successfully today and tomorrow. 

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When companies merge or acquire, stakeholders usually expect that the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts. Unfortunately, the facts tell a different story. One plus one does not equal three, and too often it moves shareholder returns to the wrong side of zero. A once-exceptional organization can quickly take a turn toward mediocrity, or worse.

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“Culture,” the new buzzword of the financial recovery, has transformed from an ethereal, abstract otherworldly word to a blunt instrument for finding fault on myriad qualitative matters affecting the organization. When an individual, merger, or organization fails, culture takes the blame. We use the word fairly arbitrarily, citing it to explain why things don't change, won’t change, or can't change. It’s that subtle yet powerful driver that leaders strive—often futilely—to influence.

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Media mavens and human resource professionals seem to collaborate periodically to establish, the cliché of the day. For a while it was “That being said.” Before that, it was touching base, doing a deep dive, cascading, at the end of the day, and the bottom line. Now we all need to “start the conversation.”

Pick any item in the news: racial unrest, trouble in the Middle East, immigration, or public school reform. Everyone wants to “start a conversation” or “join the conversation,” but no one actually changes anything, sets a deadline for accomplishing it, defines the tactics that would make sense, or establishes who’s in charge. All this might explain why Congress has just received its all-time lowest approval ratings.

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When senior leaders consistently make good decisions, little else matters; when they make bad decisions, nothing else matters. Effective decision-making stands at the center of executive leadership and organizational success. As leaders climb the ladder to top positions, others call on them regularly to solve problems and occasionally to make decisions. At the top, these two critical functions define most of a leader’s day—the crucibles of destiny—the leader’s and the organization’s. Each time leaders engage in either, they stand at a pivot—a turning point that will take the company in directions that will contribute to success or demise.

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Men experiencing contraction pains has proven popular in Jinan, China. In fact, Jinan Aima Maternity Hospital opened its “Pain Experience Camp” in November, and in a misguided attempt to show solidarity with their pregnant wives, more than three hundred men have signed up to experience the electric shock meant to simulate the sensation of childbirth.



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