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Patrick Thean is the CEO and co-founder of Rhythm Systems, a cloud-based strategy execution software platform that facilitates airtight execution and measurability for mid-market CEOs. A serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and speaker, Patrick is known for helping companies accelerate growth by focusing on great execution. In April 2014, Patrick published his book, “Rhythm: How to Achieve Breakthrough Execution and Accelerate Growth,” which rose to No. 17 on the Amazon Best Seller Rank for Kindle. 

Trends can be very difficult to recognize or predict early on. In the early days of MySpace and Facebook, who would have predicted it to be the start of a multi-billion dollar industry? Whether you’re on board or not, industry trends will take you in directions you have no control over. Trends are like waves in the ocean, and businesses, both big and small, have to navigate their ebbs and flows.

Annual planning is one of the most important things any CEO and executive team will participate in as another year comes to a close. A good annual plan not only sets the stage for the year ahead, it can also help all of your teams become more focused and aligned to achieve both short- and long-term goals.

Do your KPIs work for you or do you work for your KPIs? Here is a practical test: when your KPIs work for you, they act as discussion triggers. Key performance indicators prompt you and your team to have the discussions necessary to solve problems. Those that work for you will help you be more proactive and accelerate your progress towards achieving your goals. Conversely, if you find yourself spending more time measuring and tracking KPIs without the process evolving into discussion and problem solving, you’re missing out on the enormous value that KPIs have to offer.


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