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Todd Williams’ goal is to improve how companies implement their strategic plans.  Utilizing twenty-five years of experience he helps companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations achieve their goals. 

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Todd C. Williams, Founder & President, eCameron, Inc.

Your day is packed with meetings. You walk into your office with a plan to complete dozens of tasks. Then you see the note. It simply says “Call your attorney…” You think she is about to give you the go ahead on that new contract when she says, “You just got a subpoena on the NewCo Project. They are steaming mad that we have not delivered their product to specification.” You get that nauseating feeling that this is going to be a long day… no… a long year. The subpoena gives you four weeks to provide every contract, statement of work, change order, log, email, document, physical mail, specification, test document, picture, drawing, scratch note, etc. that ever existed on their project. You really thought you had solved this issue. You reflect back on the project and wonder how many corners were cut for the sake of getting sign off.  They never did accept the product.

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Todd C. Williams, Founder & President, eCameron, Inc.

As leaders, we have a lot to learn from Nelson Mandela. If we can, however, walk away from his passing with just one sage piece of advice it would be to search for ‘truth and reconciliation.’ There is huge significance in those words. Too many cultures have devolved into the vengeful form—‘blame and punishment.’ I am not suggesting that any of us can convince our governments to adopt Mandela’s philosophy, although that thought is exciting, I am suggesting we can change our corporate cultural and reap the bounty.

Todd C. Williams, Founder & President, eCameron, Inc.

Turning vision into profitability takes equal parts of leadership and management.   Understanding which parts to use is the challenge. As leaders we set the vision and define the corporate culture. If we do not imbue the qualities that build trust within our company and with our customers, growth will be elusive.  Nowhere is this more evident than when your company’s capabilities need to change and you start a corporate wide initiative. 



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