Those who can't manage themselves can't be expected to manage anything else either.

Gain a reputation for always being the one with new ideas and solutions to problems and you’ll quickly set yourself apart from the pact. That distinction requires brainpower. But trying to think on your feet under pressure before an audience or offering answers off the cuff in a meeting doesn’t always represent your best thinking. 

So what exactly does improve your chances for analytical thinking?

1.  Argue your case or prove your point in writing

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Shoba Sreenivasan, Ph.D. & Linda E. Weinberger, Ph.D.

Hoarding is characterized by the inability to throw or give things away. Just as one can hoard material possessions, you can also hoard opportunity. “Success” hoarders have a “me-first” psychology: they hoard ideas; they hoard credit or recognition; they hoard connections.

There are many ideas about the factors that contribute to the ethics of an organization. These ideas range from ethical leadership to a concern for stakeholders to having a mission beyond economic success. While these ideas seem plausible, there is little evidence to support them. More importantly, there is often little you can do to affect these factors. A company that makes coat hangers is limited in the extent to which it can make its mission inspiring.



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