Those who can't manage themselves can't be expected to manage anything else either.

Have you ever met a manager who intended to motivate staff but instead demoralized them?  Most have no idea of their negative effect. And that’s definitely not their intention. In talking with such managers or those who report to them, what surfaces are habits, attitudes, practices, and skill deficiencies that lead employees to disrespect, disengage, and decide to leave them for a more pleasant workplace.

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Danna Korn, Co-Founder & CEO, Sonic Boom Wellness

Entrepreneurs are forced to move a mile a minute.  We carry an entire business on our shoulders, with a constant stream of employees coming to us for guidance (not to mention feeling responsible for the livelihood of all these employees – on top of wondering if we’re actually going to make it, or end up financially ruined ourselves).  It can all become incredibly overwhelming incredibly quickly.

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Susan Ford Collins

Highly Successful People (HPSs) use their brains more efficiently than others do. Here are three Brain Tips I learned by shadowing HSPs for 20 years and teaching their skills in major corporations.



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