Those who can't manage themselves can't be expected to manage anything else either.

What use is there in navigating an ethical course if you're unable to influence the thoughts and actions of others? It's one thing for you to know right from wrong, and quite another to convince others to act collectively on your knowledge. To put your ethics to work, you have to be able to influence others to do the right thing.

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Shelley Row

“I’ll be thinking about things over and over and over again and it’s swirling around.” - Director, Engineering Consulting Firm

We all do it. Churn and agitate.  Analyze and rationalize.  Over-thinking wastes time and reduces productivity.  How do you stop over-thinking while not short-changing evaluation of relevant information? As an accomplished over-thinker, I have considerable experience with analysis paralysis. Today, I’m a recovering over-thinker largely due to brain science.  Neuroscience illuminates the dynamic inside the brain and provides a surprising solution. 

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John Chisholm, CEO, John Chisholm Ventures

Starting a new venture demands every resource and advantage you can bring to bear to increase its likelihood of success—from a new career endeavor to a new business opportunity. One of those key resources is your mind. Your mindset can easily make or break your new endeavor. This article explores seven ways to protect, develop, and leverage your key resource—your mind. 



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