Those who can't manage themselves can't be expected to manage anything else either.

New year, new you. This idea, albeit cliché, is motivation for many individuals to reflect on their personal growth and what they’d like to accomplish in the upcoming year. And while some will dismiss the idea that new year’s resolutions can be successfully upheld, there is value in setting meaningful goals for yourself.

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James Hamerstone & Lindsay Musser Hough

Forget the glass ceiling. The fact is: women communicate differently than men and, too often, to their own detriment. They tend to speak up less, apologize more, downplay their achievements and use less-powerful body language – all of which impact their career success.

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Joel Vento

We all know that a sedentary lifestyle yields medical challenges like weight gain, heart disease and kidney failure. Did you know, though, how you sit can also jeopardize work performance? Poor posture affects productivity, but by learning how to sit properly, you can boost brain function and accomplish more during the day.



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