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Bob Farrell, CEO, Kewill

In the business world, failure is too often thought of in negative terms. But, failure is a normal, even inevitable, part of any executives’ journey. Mistakes can often be some of the best business lessons learned in disguise. Here are a few tips for how you can start thinking of mistakes as opportunities and embrace failure to improve your business.

Newspaper Headlines
Todd C. Williams, Founder & President, eCameron, Inc.

We have all seen the headlines. Day after day, government projects seem to fail, costing taxpayers millions of dollars. Transparency in the public sector makes these failures good press fodder. However, the failure rate is not much less in the private sector. And, you would be crazy to think a good investigative reporter would not salivate over finding a similar story in your company.

the ceo magazine, business management
Steve McIntosh, Chief Fan Ambassador, Fanhub

Everyone seems to know the ‘secrets’ of entrepreneurship—so why are successful businesses so rare?

Nearly 90 percent of businesses in the U.S. have less than 20 employees, and half of all businesses close within five years. In tech, the stats are especially grim: Henry Blodget, founder of Business Insider, calculated that only 1 in 200 companies that apply to Y Combinator becomes a “success.”



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