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Steve McIntosh, Chief Fan Ambassador, Fanhub

Everyone seems to know the ‘secrets’ of entrepreneurship—so why are successful businesses so rare?

Nearly 90 percent of businesses in the U.S. have less than 20 employees, and half of all businesses close within five years. In tech, the stats are especially grim: Henry Blodget, founder of Business Insider, calculated that only 1 in 200 companies that apply to Y Combinator becomes a “success.”

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Chip R. Bell

James Cameron is a “mad scientist”—and the director of the two highest grossing non-franchise movies ever made—Titanic and Avatar.  Apple Computer founder and CEO Steve Jobs was a “mad scientist.”  So were Ludwig Beethoven, Booker T. Washington, Henry Ford and Amelia Earhart.  Yet, who could deny their gigantic contributions or their incredible gifts?

the ceo magazine, business management
John Canfield           

Why change meetings? I think changing meetings, so that they can be more collaborative, could be the most important thing an organization could do to improve its performance. If you have decided to move ahead, and develop your organization so it could be more collaborative, improve your meeting process.

I recommend you focus on the place and process where most business decision-making takes place - the standard daily decision-making meeting process. I would not address all types of meetings or all aspects of meetings. Just face-to-face decision making meetings. This can include creative thinking, generating ideas, brainstorming, analysis, goal setting, problem solving, and above all, decision making.



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