The people part of business operations.

This past week I read a book that offers business owners information that they can use every day. It’s called People Tools and the name does the content justice. There are lots of books about business. In fact, far too many with some unrealistic views about how a business owner can achieve success.There are also plenty of “self-help” books that seek to provide insight on how to live a more fulfilled life, something that many business owners struggle with every day.

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Chris Whipple, author, A.C.T. Now or Fail!

In my past two articles (part 1 & part 2), I introduced a new organization structure that uses the traditional organization pyramid turned on its side.  This sideways pyramid can be seen as an arrow pointing toward a target with the leader out in front leading the way.  The target or goal that each organization needs to be striving for is long-term sustainability.  To accomplish this lofty goal, a list of infrastructure requirements called the Organization Bill of Rights were explained.  The basic concept behind these requirements is a leader of any organization has an obligation to look out for the best interest of the organization. 

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Ben Straughan, Partner, Perkins Coie

Perhaps few times for an emerging growth company present more risk than the transition of a founder/CEO to "employee" status. This often happens later in the startup life cycle, when a company has funding and/or sales traction. The difference between a smooth and rocky transition can represent the difference between the success and failure of the company.



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