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CEOs and other C-Level executives are expected to bring results – to keep their eyes on the bottom line driving productivity, efficiencies, time to market, new products and services. So, what approach are they utilizing to facilitate that bottom line? That’s the question most CEOs ask themselves in order to find the payoff.  

the ceo magazine, leadership
Bruce Madnick, CPA & Managing Partner, Friedman LLP

Character should be a firm-wide priority regardless of industry. Having worked with clients in many industries over the years, I have come to realize that regardless of the space—retail, manufacturing, hospitality, e-commerce—the ones that were most successful didn’t merely pay lip service to character-related issues. On the contrary, they were a core part of their culture.

Many health clubs see an explosion of members every January 1. In conjunction with  a New Year’s Resolution to be more fit, Americans join fitness centers with the sincere or insincere belief that they will actually show up for a work-out.

As the weeks of a new year tick by, so does the motivation to start or end a work day with a work out. What if a New Year’s Resolution turned your eye inward rather than outward? What if your focus was on the internal you rather than the external you?



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