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Bruce Madnick, CPA & Managing Partner, Friedman LLP

Character should be a firm-wide priority regardless of industry. Having worked with clients in many industries over the years, I have come to realize that regardless of the space—retail, manufacturing, hospitality, e-commerce—the ones that were most successful didn’t merely pay lip service to character-related issues. On the contrary, they were a core part of their culture.

Many health clubs see an explosion of members every January 1. In conjunction with  a New Year’s Resolution to be more fit, Americans join fitness centers with the sincere or insincere belief that they will actually show up for a work-out.

As the weeks of a new year tick by, so does the motivation to start or end a work day with a work out. What if a New Year’s Resolution turned your eye inward rather than outward? What if your focus was on the internal you rather than the external you?

This past week we picked up a new client that had an immediate need for several videos. On less than a day’s notice two of my employees were on a plane on a Thursday to the client’s location.  Others back at the office started working on elements of the project. When the field team returned late Friday things were humming along. We had a plan.  We knew that included working on Saturday.  However, like most projects it turned out to be more complicated than anyone anticipated.



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