All activities in support of formulating and communicating the value of the firm's offering to the target market in support of current and future sales.

Melissa Gonzalez

It’s no secret that everyone has a digital footprint, providing companies with a plethora of information on past actions, interests, patterns and beyond. For retailers that properly utilize this information, personalization can be taken to a new level. And, the more technology advances, the more it's integrated into ones daily life and the lines between what people do online and what people do in real life begin to merge. As these lines merge, customers expect an omni-channel (not multi-channel) experience, a fully integrated and seamless experience regardless if they are shopping via desktop, a mobile device or in a physical store.

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Maria Dykstra, Co-founder, Tredigital

If you’re a CEO or company founder, there’s no doubt social media is part of your executive strategy. The hitch? There are at least four common social media myths executives stumble over in the path to digital community connection.

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Jim Porçarelli, Chief Strategy Officer, Active International

The media industry is undergoing a significant transformation that will substantially impact 2016. These shifts are directly influencing senior level executive priorities as they create and execute their marketing and overall business strategies. As marketers double up on their efforts to catch up with digitally savvy consumers, new advertising services and partnerships will emerge that will drive better brand and media value.



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