All activities in support of formulating and communicating the value of the firm's offering to the target market in support of current and future sales.

Ethics brings to mind dusty volumes of impenetrable text, heated arguments that go nowhere, and an overbearing concern with political correctness. But my thirty years as an ethics consultant has taught me something different. Ethics is really about releasing the forces of innovation in an organization. The reason for this is simple. To have ethics in an organization is to have ways in which employees can jump the line of command without fear of reprisal. And this same jump-the-line-of-command philosophy can make innovation a powerful organizational force.

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Brad Shorr, B2B Marketing Director, Straight North

From the CEO’s point of view, the company website can go one of three ways: it can benefit the business, damage it, or have no impact whatsoever. While the latter two outcomes are clearly unattractive, they are often exactly what transpire — ironically because of misconceptions held by the CEO. Here are three common and serious misconceptions CEOs have about Web development:

Gastón Taratuta, CEO & founder, IMS Internet Media Services (IMS)

Apple or everyone else? Most digital consumers nowadays come to a point where they must decide to buy an Apple product or the alternative. Except a consumer is deciding on more than just a product. They're at a fork in the road with two paths: a consumer journey or a dead end. Apple consumers immediately become part of Apple's network where they are exposed to the App Store, iTunes, and an ecosystem of devices like the iPad, iPhone, and soon, the Apple Watch. Unlike its competitors, Apple has created a consumer journey, which is what makes its business model so unique and more importantly, so successful.



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