All activities in support of formulating and communicating the value of the firm's offering to the target market in support of current and future sales.

The word “innovation” is such a constant in meetings around the world that it has almost become a contender for “corporate buzzword bingo.” Although it is often over-used it is not always well understood in terms of how it should be implemented into organizational culture, or even how it might be best used as a frame for evaluating business strategy.


~~I was recently asked a common question during a Q&A. “What is a brand?” Believe it or not, I get asked this question all the time, simply because the word “brand” carries with it many different definitions. Depending on what one does for a living, what they’ve heard, what they’ve learned, or how they perceive their own “brand” the word has different meanings to different people. Some common definitions of brand are: a logo; a company; a product; a jingle; a trademark. Others think branding is advertising and marketing.

Jeff Ericson, Founder, RubyRide

Whether you operate a small, medium or larger business, one thing is certain – you have got to start off on the right foot researching your competitive landscape to survive. In starting any business, the minimum time you should assess the competitive landscape and work on your business plan is at least two years. In my own business, the transportation industry, prior to launching my service, I spent over two years researching, and working with local transportation departments and the city of Phoenix prior to launching.



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