All activities in support of formulating and communicating the value of the firm's offering to the target market in support of current and future sales.

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Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

As CEO, you set the tone for the entire organization. With the increase in women’s economic power, it is vital that you don’t make the mistake of assuming all women consumers are the same or that all “female friendly” marketing involves is changing the color scheme on your product and website.

the ceo magazine, branding
Dan Antonelli, CEO & Creative Director, Graphic D-Signs, Inc., The Small Business Advertising Agency

You’ve heard of the elevator test: being able to clearly convey your resume, credentials, aspirations, and your overall value as a working professional all in the span of a quick elevator ride. Pretty tough.

I’ve got a new test for you, the business card test. It’s infinitely faster, remarkably subtle, yet has the power to move mountains and drive the needle forward towards your lofty business goals. And it all centers on perception.

I believe everyone loves to get something for free. But does it make sense to do giveaways or promotions? This is something that every business owner struggles with from time to time. I routinely get offers for a free iPad, free software, product samples or a trial membership. Pay attention to this last one because it is hard to get off the list when that trial membership automatically signs you up after thirty days.



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