All activities in support of formulating and communicating the value of the firm's offering to the target market in support of current and future sales.

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Scott Addis, CEO, The Addis Group

In today’s dog eat dog business environment, it is essential that you develop a strategy to stand out in a crowded marketplace… to separate yourself from your competition.  Simply put, to be different! 

Theodore Levitt, the renowned economist, professor at Harvard Business School and editor of The Harvard Business Review had the following to say in his 1991 book entitled Thinking About Management:

“Differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which individuals and companies must constantly engage.  It is not discretionary.  And, everything can be differentiated, even so called commodities such as cement, copper, wheat, money, air cargo and insurance.” 

ceo magazine, marketing
Jim Porçarelli, Executive Vice President, Active International

Significant shifts in the media and marketing landscape will dramatically impact companies’ priorities as they determine their marketing and overall business plans this year. Sticking to the status quo will cause many to fall behind. As a result, executives must encourage their marketing teams to forge ahead into what may be uncharted territory. With media and marketing tactics evolving at a rapid pace, marketers will need to make holistic changes to their marketing strategies and begin testing and embracing the new order. Big developments to expect this year are the extensive use of programmatic buying, the market valuation of native advertising, and the surge of new technologies and media outlets.

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Storytelling has been marketing’s go-to buzzword for a couple years running. A well-told story that draws on the interests of its audience has the power to connect customers emotionally to a brand and make it unforgettable.

But when it comes to social media, few marketers get storytelling right. Traditional advertising follows a broadcasting model, and that’s how most brands today are telling stories in social—they develop an idea, package it up in a ready-made campaign, push the story out through social channels, and hope people like it.



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