Sales is a company wide responsibility to help the frontline sales person capture revenue and keep the buyer financially engaged with the firm.

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Kevin P. Glynn, Lighthouse Strategic Partners

As the business owner and often lead sales producer are you just not enthused anymore?  Is your sales force coming up with more excuses than sales?

Bugle call!  Perhaps it is now time to start retraining and motivating you and your sales force. The past several years have been difficult for most businesses. Many companies are just now beginning to emerge with the current economic improvements. Is it time to reengage and become more aggressive as sales people?

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Martin Limbeck, Author, NO Is Short for Next Opportunity – How Top Sales Professionals Think

It’s happened to even the best sales professionals and business leaders: you give a stellar presentation and everything is going smoothly.  You’re pretty sure you’ve got the deal in the bag and then it happens: the client says, “I’m sorry.  We really like what you have to offer, but it’s too expensive for us at this time.”

But before you panic, all is not lost.  Price is one of the most common objections we get in sales.  After all, who wouldn’t want to pay less?  Next time you find yourself in this situation, take a deep breath, relax and try some of these techniques to help you seal the deal. 


~~I was recently asked a common question during a Q&A. “What is a brand?” Believe it or not, I get asked this question all the time, simply because the word “brand” carries with it many different definitions. Depending on what one does for a living, what they’ve heard, what they’ve learned, or how they perceive their own “brand” the word has different meanings to different people. Some common definitions of brand are: a logo; a company; a product; a jingle; a trademark. Others think branding is advertising and marketing.



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