Sales is a company wide responsibility to help the frontline sales person capture revenue and keep the buyer financially engaged with the firm.

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Lewie Miller, CEO, Qvidian

We’re nearly three months into 2015. Have your New Year’s resolutions begun to fade? Are your best intentions falling by the wayside? If so, you’re not alone. It doesn’t take too long for the gyms to empty out and healthy eating “cheat” days to become more and more frequent.  However, while personal goals may be slipping a bit, it is important to stay true to your professional resolutions. It may seem like a chore now and be so easy to fall back into your old routines, but staying committed to your resolution of finding innovative solutions to support your sales team will help you meet end of year financial goals and eliminate some of that the end of year quota rush agita.

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Alexandra Watkins, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Eat My Words

During the past 15 years, as the founder and Chief Innovation Officer of a branding firm that specializes in creating names for new products, companies and services, I’m often asked how a name change impacts revenue.

While you can certainly measure sales before and after name change, full credit cannot generally be given to the new name alone because rebranding efforts generally involve a new visual identity, advertising, public relations, and social media.

Cat seeing himself as a lion in a mirror

One of the “realities” I’ve discovered through the years of business ownership, consulting and speaking, is that the customer or client rarely sees you as YOU see you. This is known as Perceptual Reality. In his book Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads, Roy H. Williams defines Perceptual Reality as our imagination. We spend a great deal of time there, and while there we create ideas and perceptions of ourselves that simply are not true or real.



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