Sales is a company wide responsibility to help the frontline sales person capture revenue and keep the buyer financially engaged with the firm.

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John Pierce, Author, Sell More and Sleep at Night – Developing Relationships with Emotional Intelligence to Increase Sales

Senior leaders have learned there are many reasons for stalled sales and missed goals. Today we explore two concepts that can keep senior leaders better informed and help increase company sales:

1. The Math

“The Math” is an easy concept to understand, yet far too many companies avoid applying the concept. They may believe it does not apply to them.  The math is simply an analysis of past activities that produce accurate conversion rates during different sales cycles. Your math results allow you, as a leader, to better guide the sales and marketing organizations to achieve your company’s objectives.

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Christiana Hart

For most adults, the magic of snow days disappeared right around the time the realities of working life sank in. Snow days now mean higher heating bills, exhausting shoveling, and less-than-pleasant commutes. 

But for eCommerce professionals, a fresh snowfall could bring a welcome windfall. In light of Winter Storm Damon, here are four reasons eCommerce store owners should look forward to winter weather. 

Did you ever wonder what a procurement officer or buyer is thinking? Did you ever ask the buyer of your goods or services what they need? Did you ever wonder what drives a buyer crazy? Wonder no more! I have been reading and re-reading a book called “Feedback! Sales Advice from the Buyers Desk.”



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