Sales is a company wide responsibility to help the frontline sales person capture revenue and keep the buyer financially engaged with the firm.

It’s a pretty obvious fact. When you are in a personal relationship each party has something to gain when things go well. Each party also has something to lose when it all goes south. We all have relationships with customers but what happens if you are your customer’s customer? Think about it. You provide goods or services to them and they provide something to you. I actually have that kind of relationship with a number of customers and it is interesting that these relationships move to a very different level quickly.

the ceo magazine, sales
Shelley F. Hall, Managing Director, Catalytic Management

When sales people fail to retain customers, the first thing to investigate is the signal management sends via compensation plans. Compensation plans tell the sales person where they should spend their time and effort. Human nature drives us to do what delivers rewards and money is a big reward. So if the compensation plan tells me that I get a higher commission for new business versus retained or repeat business, guess where I’m going to spend my time?

the ceo magazine, sales
Nikolaus Kimla, CEO, Pipeliner Sales Inc. 

The inner-workings of business can be a tricky game. Prospects looking to invest to any degree in your company must be skillfully shown their need for your product or service in such a way that they become convinced of it. It then turns into the ultimate chase of gently but firmly closing the deal.

The factor of competition adds a whole other layer to a business strategy. Some businesses chose to virtually ignore competition; others simply do their best to knock it if it comes up during the sales cycle; still others will go as far as to lie about it to prospects in an effort to kick it out of their minds.



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