Sales is a company wide responsibility to help the frontline sales person capture revenue and keep the buyer financially engaged with the firm.

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Brace yourself!  Sales management, sales trainers and motivational speakers are the number one carriers of Sales Call Reluctance.  This was the finding of George Dudley and Shannon Goodson of Behavioral Sciences Research Press. This is not to say all sales managers, trainers, and motivational speakers carry sales call reluctance; however, the reason they do might be more obvious than you would think.

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Tim Phillips, Managing Director, Revenade, LLC

It's a pretty safe bet that at various times in your life, you will have to negotiate - for a business contract, a new car, or even a personal relationship.  Obviously, you want to walk away satisfied that you have made the best deal.  And you will want the person you are negotiating with to walk away satisfied as well, because a successful negotiation is one in which everyone feels they have gained in some way.

ceo magazine, sales
Meridith Elliott Powell, Author, Winning In The Trust & Value Economy

When the economy started to struggle in late 2008, so did the consumer—emotionally, as well as financially. At first, consumers, like businesses, contentedly waited for the economy to bounce back. But, as the bounces took longer and were far less impressive than expected, consumer confidence began to wane.



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