Sales is a company wide responsibility to help the frontline sales person capture revenue and keep the buyer financially engaged with the firm.

the ceo magazine, sales,
Carmit Yadin, Author, “How to BOOM B2B Sales”

You have an idea. You start a company. You develop, refine and produce your solution or product.

You stand back and take rightful pride in your creation. Now what?

You have to sell it!

The word “innovation” is such a constant in meetings around the world that it has almost become a contender for “corporate buzzword bingo.” Although it is often over-used it is not always well understood in terms of how it should be implemented into organizational culture, or even how it might be best used as a frame for evaluating business strategy.

the ceo magazine, sales,
Kevin P. Glynn, Lighthouse Strategic Partners

As the business owner and often lead sales producer are you just not enthused anymore?  Is your sales force coming up with more excuses than sales?

Bugle call!  Perhaps it is now time to start retraining and motivating you and your sales force. The past several years have been difficult for most businesses. Many companies are just now beginning to emerge with the current economic improvements. Is it time to reengage and become more aggressive as sales people?


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