Assessment of the situation to devise a game plan for things to come to fruition.

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Albert Subbloie, CEO, Tangoe

The last decade or so has been a major tipping point in the globalization of the business market across all technology sectors and verticals. Many factors have contributed to this, including the emergence of China as a major economic player in the world market, the introduction of the Euro, and the rise of mobile and social technologies, leading to an increasingly connected business landscape.

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Todd C. Williams, Founder & President, eCameron, Inc.

We have all seen the headlines. Day after day, government projects seem to fail, costing taxpayers millions of dollars. Transparency in the public sector makes these failures good press fodder. However, the failure rate is not much less in the private sector. And, you would be crazy to think a good investigative reporter would not salivate over finding a similar story in your company.

Dr. Rebecca Bigler, director of The University of Texas at Austin’s Gender and Racial Attitudes Lab, has done a number of experiments with preschoolers and colored T-shirts.  In one, she took a classroom of 4 and 5 year olds and put half in red T shirts and the other half in blue T shirts .  The children wore these colored T shirts for three weeks but teachers were instructed not to notice or mention the colors in any way.  At the end of the three weeks, children were asked to evaluate the skill, abilities, characteristics, and intelligence of each group.  



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