The non-stop political ads have ceased. I think everyone is happy about that. But in the week following the elections the analysis has continued. Everyone is trying to figure out how the changes will play out and if bipartisanship has a chance. There is great speculation about what we will see from the lame duck session and the 114th Session of Congress that will begin in January. Many of the small business owners I have talked to are wondering where small business ranks with the new leadership. Small business owners are used to everyone saying they are a “friend of small business.” But, the real question is will there be any movement on issues that are key to small business growth? Recently I hosted an election wrap-up call for the National Small Business Association, the nation’s oldest nonpartisan small-business advocacy group. It covered a broad range of topics that are top of mind for small business including tax reform, as well as some that are gaining in importance like cybersecurity, energy legislation and patent reform. NSBA Staff along with Kent Hoover, the Washington Bureau Chief for American City Business Journals, provided some insight about what they believe is in store for small business. If you have a few minutes, you should check out the recording posted on the NSBA website. One thing I will say is that this analysis along with much of what I am hearing and reading in various media outlets seems more positive than in the recent past. In addition to analysis, NSBA did some research and released a survey this week. They asked about 800 small business owners what priorities they want Congress to address during the Lame Duck Session. Many are issues that have been top of mind for years like tax extenders, tax reform and immigration. I won’t go into the results but you can find them at It’s interesting reading so pass it on to other small business owners and then let’s see if work actually gets done during this session. That would be refreshing.


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