How to Achive Customer Affinity?  Provide Exquisite Care!

I only know him as Vineet, the name displayed on his badge. He was with me each morning as I enjoyed breakfast at the JW Marriott in New Delhi, India. This is where I would begin my two week holiday and business trip. Because of Vineet’s exquisite care, it would also be where I would return to spend my last day in India before returning to Washington, DC in the United States.

Traveling internationally places a great strain on my health and well-being. Long, uncomfortable flights; time zone changes; the hustle and bustle of airports, taxis and crowds; being in unfamiliar surroundings with new languages, cultures and currency; and concerns over access to food that agrees with my system all cause stress.  Having so much on my mind creates distractions that prevent me from being present in the moment to enjoy the culture, people and history of the region and focus on business.  Keeping in touch with business in the United States while adjusting to the more than nine hour time difference in India meant I would be awake at 4:00 am to address issues in the U.S. before my day began in India. The JW Marriott is an excellent place to find comfort in the midst of the demands and stressors I encounter as I travel on business. Every level of the experience with the staff exemplify a Five Star hotel experience -- everything was exceptional. So what was it about Vineet that made him stand out and make a difference for me in the midst of the abundancy of excellent customer service?

While delivering excellent care, Vineet asked curiosity questions to get to know me better. With this insight, he was able to develop a deeper connection and understanding about me and what brought me to India. His understanding of my weary travel needs, susceptibility to the new and different type of foods and my future travel plans provided insights that allowed him to think of creative ways to make my day easier and to recommend other JW Marriott services. It was subtle upselling which solved a problem, challenge or need.  I didn’t mind. It allowed me to relax and have less things to think about.

Vineet was able to move beyond providing service to connecting with me at a deeper level and provide solutions that demonstrated a deep level of care that took the experience to an entirely new level. He genuinely cared and I could feel it. Vineet touched my heart with his compassionate care and truly made a difference in my life while staying at the JW Marriott.

There were so many new things to explore in India and the ammenities at the JW Marriott made it hard to leave the hotel!  Exceptionally prepared food from regions around the world by Chef Rohit and his team created an artistic expression for the pallet and the spa services offered restoration to sooth the overwhelming elements I would enounter in India. And then there was Vineet, who created care packages for me to take with me, introduced me to Masala tea to enjoy as I reflected on my experiences and planned for the day ahead, brought creative Indian and Asian dishes prepared by the chefs for me to try something new, and his suggestion that I store my luggage as I traveled to other regions of India and return to the JW Marriott to enjoy a final day before my flight departed late in the evening was brillant. Over a two week period, I visited, New Delhi, Agra, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Amritsar, Wagah and Dharamsala all of which were memorable and a part of my personal and professional transformation, yet there were many times I longed for my experience with Vineet and the JW Marriott -- so it was great to know that I would return for a day at the spa to rejuveniate and have and celebratory dinner with local business colleagues who would also experience the “exquisite care” offered by Vineet, Rohit and the entire team of the JW Marriott in New Delhi.


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