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There’s a new leader in town and he is lighting it up. Meet the brightest light in your company— your new CEO or Chief Energy Officer. No skill will be more important for tomorrow’s leaders than the ability to generate and mobilize the energy of his workforce into a life force. That’s because energized people are turned on by what they do.

And their electricity translates into more engagement, more loyalty and more revenues.

Light Bulb Leadership

The companies that prosper will be those who shine their light on society. At BrightHouse, the global consultancy company where I serve as CEO, we call that light purpose. Purpose is the beacon that gives direction to all in its way.  It guides, inspires and heals.

American Standard CEO, Jay Gould believes that purpose lights the way for his organization. For Gould, toilets he sells are a symbol of humanity. Declaring that his American Standard will raise the standard of society, his company installs a latrine system in Southeast Asia for every john bought in the US.

Gould tells me “this greater purpose created an energy in the company that had not been felt since it’s founding more than a hundred years ago. “

In The Beginning There Was Light

In beginnings are great power—a baby, first love and yes, day one of a business. In the founding of brands and companies exists an instructive spark of fire that brings both light to the organization and warmth to those who fan the flames of the new enterprise. Here human energy abounds, as dreamers become doers.

Often the light dims as companies grow. That is why it’s vital to remember our beginnings through story and culture. I just completed my new book, THE STORY OF PURPOSE, The Path To A Better Brand, A Brighter Company And A Lasting Legacy. In it are the stories that energize us and enlighten the world. Apple is the story of creativity. Google is the story of connection. And Whole Foods is the story of our relationship with earth. What is your story? Go back to your beginnings and you will find Chapter one. The fruits are in the roots.

Humanity Is The New Power

The steely-eyed-know-it-all-take all-knuckle-dragging-alpha-male is history. He is operating on empty.  The new leader is 40 billion mega-watt powerhouse who is fueled by his company’s wish to make the world run better by making more good, more available to more people. His associates are supercharged about their company’s purpose and its greater place in society. In fact, when their CEO gets on to their elevator, they light up!

About the Author

Joey Reiman, CEO & Founder of BrightHouse, a global consultancy firm, was named one of the 100 people who will change the way the world thinks by Fast Company. A professor at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University, his mission is to bring more purpose to the world of business. A well-known speaker and the author of The Story of Purpose: The Path to Creating a Brighter Brand, a Greater Company, and a Lasting Legacy (Wiley & Sons), his breakthrough work is impacting the future of business today.


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It is nice to know that you think humans are finally changing, but I do not see any evidence in this article.

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