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Lindsey Carnett

The elevator pitch can be used as your secret weapon to push your sales efforts to new levels. At Marketing Maven, we used our elevator pitch to step into the direct response industry, a $300 billion industry through educating each person we came in contact with.

More than a description of your company, your pitch is highlighting your unique selling proposition surrounding your services and identifying a way that you can be of benefit to the person you are speaking with; essentially your meal ticket into gaining market share. The four C’s: consistency, credibility, confidence and conversions, will lead you to the fifth C: closing the deal.

Make Memorable Moments

Consistency is key. Having a consistent message come from each of your team members helps to solidify your reputation. Communicating the same elevator pitch across the company makes it easier to bring in numerous referrals when what everyone is hearing is the same. “Marketing Maven is the second largest growing PR firm in the nation specializing in x, y, z…” are strong words that do more than leave a lasting impression of credibility when stated over and over from multiple individuals, they stay on top of the listeners mind. In fact, the more often something is repeated, the more it becomes factual.

Freud’s Pitch Tips

Instead of doling out industry-jargon, a pitch needs to play into the psychological aspect of creating connections and engaging audiences. Similar to giving a speech, the pitch subscribes to Mehrabian’s formula of communications: 7% verbal, 38% vocal, and 55% visual. Verbally, the content of your pitch needs to include what you are going to tell them, what you tell them, and what you told them. This way the listener hears what you’ve said three times, and remembers the first and last parts of your pitch, keeping your company and your services as the go-to in their mind. Keep in mind to pay attention to visual cues like nodding and smiling both on your end and your listeners.

When you know what you are saying, your confidence adds to your credibility. Using a catchy slogan or tagline in your pitch will not only elevate your confidence in the branding of your pitch but will easily engage your listener. For example, Marketing Maven coined “PR for DR,” a catchy slogan used from pitch to pitch that sticks with the person whom we are speaking to. It’s easily remembered and therefore more often repeated. Consistency means repetition, which means word of mouth advertising and in-bound referrals galore!

Convert with Call-to-Action

Conversions are the goal outcome of a compelling pitch. The ABC of a pitch is to “Always Be Closing,” and this can be done with a proper Call-to-Action that leaves the door open for future conversation. 

Two important variables in the pitch equation to produce conversions however are patience and time. Pitching, like any other art form, needs dedication, preparation, a solid foundation, and properly thought out execution. Get ready to connect with individuals who are ready to listen to what you have to say, making the engagement part of your pitch ready to go.

Set a tone for success with genuine connections. Don’t be the door-to-door salesman looking to make his quota. Always be genuine. The “pitch moment” will come naturally and although there aren’t any consistent cues, you will know when the time is right. Whether this “pitch moment” comes at the second you meet someone or a week later, it is critical that you tie in your pitch with a connection you had with the listener. Be prepared to remember their “pain point,” or weakness which your company can help strengthen. Listen, engage, and pitch!

Turn your conversation into a conversion by investing time and money into growing your business through building a positive pitch accompanied by outstanding collateral. These conversions will immediately deliver new tools, ideas, and interpretations to help augment your path towards building a better business.

About the Author

Lindsey Carnett is the CEO and President of Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc. Having spoken at Electronic Retailing Association D2C and at the ERA Great Ideas Summit, and guest lectured at universities, Carnett has gained the reputation as an expert in the field of marketing and public relations. In addition to her speaking success, Carnett’s copy has appeared in Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Allure, and she has appeared on, National Public Radio (NPR), The Doctors, The Jeff Probst Show, Telemundo, and local ABC, NBC and CBS morning news programs, as well as USA Today, PR Week, Forbes Woman and others.



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