Many financial planners suggest that you should adopt savings habits by “paying yourself first”. This means that you should save first, and spend afterwards. Well what if you applied this basic concept to a more valuable commodity in your life than money, time? What if you “planned yourself first” and knew when your rests and time off were coming a year in advance? Would you be able to sprint to those rest periods with better form and style? Would you be able to accomplish more results in the sprint periods knowing that a rest (and probably a well planned quality rest) was coming? Would these known rest periods begin to give you joy and happiness that improve your attitude? If they are well planned and you manage the people around you to take care of what is necessary well while you are gone, would you possibly live a better life? What’s a better life mean to you? Would thinking about taking some time for a better life force you to think about what it is you want in life? Great motivation and more to come on that. Most people who know what intervals are and use them to train know that your form and speed improve on the track doing four one mile runs versus one four mile run. What if you took that approach to your life and planned your free time knowing it was essential to better sprint times and the results that come from them.

Most CEOs I know have what I call an endurance lifestyle. They work tirelessly with no end in sight until their spouse or partner insists on some sort of break that these CEO has little say in preparing. That’s not how top performing athletes operate and neither should you. Recovery and training are equally as important to top performance. I know that if I am doing a workout class or yoga, when the instructor tells me how many items we are doing in a set (30 pushups or five salutations), I focus on the completion of that number. If they don’t tell me how many we are doing, my mind wanders and begins to question when it is going to end and my form suffers. I am less focused on the completion of the clear task at hand because there is no clear end in sight. So again, knowing what tasks must be completed before the well earned rest is coming is a tool that can be used to increase results, improve attitude, enjoy life, increase creativity, improve work form and effectiveness and more. Adopt this strategy for you and those around you and watch productivity soar. Am I saying that scheduling fun can make you more productive? Yes I am.

The power of free time. Use it, leverage it, enjoy it.


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