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Riaz Khadem

Add up all the time wasted doing things that aren’t important in your organization—by you, your direct reports and those reporting to you indirectly. You’ll probably end up with a large number. That number represents your organization’s misalignment.

We once facilitated an executive session with a large company that included three levels of managers. A manager and her direct report volunteered for an exercise you may wish to try in your company.





As we navigate events in our personal and professional lives, we are always expending energy. We also have a finite amount of energy and, depending how we channel our energy, we either use our time (and energy) wisely or waste it. In order to explain how this occurs, we rely on the following 3 Mind Factors:

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Jim Porçarelli

CEOs can best achieve business success by harnessing the combined expertise and skills of the company’s C-suite. Yet, to move at a fast enough speed to keep up with the accelerating business environment, it is imperative that the entire team is on the same page – meaning that alignment within the C-suite is critical to a CEO’s success.


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