Gina Barnett, Author, Play the Part: Master Body Signals to Connect and Communicate for Business Success

Why is it some people seem to effortlessly persuade and move an audience, while others find it almost impossible? What defines the mystery of connection? That mystery has been a subject of fascination for me for most of my life… and it remains a mystery still. And yet, by spending many years trying to crack the code of connection I’ve observed several things that are consistent.

Across the corporate world these days, many companies have the walls of their respective locations plastered with various positive statements regarding how upstanding their values are, that their employees matter, etc.  In particular, many companies now claim to have an “Open Door” policy when it comes to issue resolution and/or the presentation of ideas.  However, in many cases this policy truly exists on a superficial level only, with the sad truth being that these so-called “empowering” programs are merely an exercise of smoke & mirrors to make operations appear better to the outside

With all the forms of communication we have out there you would think the world would be communicating better. We all know that is not true. Because we can communicate in so many ways, many of our communications aren’t complete, clear, or effective. We can type a quick text or send a quick email and get the communication off our desks or out of our heads. Often the message is incomplete and/or misleading. Then, because we are all communicating at a faster pace because of these tools, the volume that goes outbound and comes to us inbound gets us all overwhelmed and less attentive. I am probably not telling you anything you don’t already know.


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