Jeff Bezos is the CEO of one of the worlds most successful companies – Amazon – who have grown at an astronomical rate, disrupting multiple industries along the way (did you know that Cloud Computing is one of Amazon’s largest and most profitable divisions, making life tough for Tech industry giants like IBM and Microsoft?) and changing the way we all shop.

Why Surgeons need Emotional Intelligence

You might wonder why I am talking to CEO's about Surgones.   Every company has roles that require an increbily high level of IQ and technical skills, but even in those roles, Emotional Intelligence is the differentiator of sucsess.   This article helps expain why your bright and higly analytical people still need Emotional Intelligence in the same way surgeons do. 

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Anne Grady, Author, 52 Strategies for Life, Love and Work

Every day, businesses of all size lose time, money and productivity when employees get sidetracked by drama due to emotional reactions to workplace situations.

As Inc. recently reported in The Shocking Cost of Workplace Conflicts, American workers spend more than two and a half hours per week trying to resolve conflict, which translates into $359 billion in losses for U.S. companies every year, according to task management software firm Workfront.


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