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Kelly and Robby Riggs, Authors, Counter Mentor Leadership: How to Unlock the Potential of the 4-Generation Workplace

Unfortunately, most managers aren’t interested in being better leaders.

Not really.

What they’re most interested in is blaming the younger generation. From slumping sales to dismal employee engagement, it’s all the fault of those entitled, lazy, glued-to-their-phones Millennials.

We wish that was an exaggeration, but, in our experience, it is the reality.

the ceo magazine, leadership

“When it comes to how employees feel about their employers, the big theme in this year’s study is trust – or a lack of it. What’s going on here?” - Harvard Business Review, discussing the APA’s recent Work and Well-Being Survey, which found that fully 25% of Americans don’t trust their employers

Do you consider yourself to be a trustworthy leader? Do you think the people you lead believe you have their best interests at heart?


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