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1. Get in front of buyers every week.

Buyers are the people who can tell you “yes,” the people who can sign the check without getting anyone else’s approval. Identify these people through Linkedin, referrals, vendors, subcontractors, and anyone else who can help you figure out where the next job lies. Each year, make a list of those people you’d like to meet—people who can buy what you’re selling. Then, devise a plan to get in front of them.

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Justin E. Crawford, Founder, Agents of Efficiency

There are good reasons people take pride in DIY, but it can be a trap for small-business owners. It sucks precious time away from focusing on the core of the business — and there's nothing more valuable than your time.

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Christopher James Conner, President, Franchise Marketing Systems

Scale is the true definition of leverage for a business leader, it is the culmination of solid business systems, the right people, a good business strategy and the technology to support growth.  Most of us in businesses that do not traditionally scale well – Retail, Service or in my case consulting – look to industries such as pharmaceutical and technology with admiration for their ability to scale. 



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