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As the head of an organization, you can either take the high road or the low road with your leadership. A leader who is concerned with fixing and resolving a situation in the present moment with little or no regard for developing people and relationships is taking the low road. High road leaders, on the other hand, consider people and relationships to be just as important as their responsibility to manage their team and achieve business goals.

Some time ago I wrote about the courage that it takes to fail.  I recounted the story of “Honest Abe” and how many times he failed before he achieved success. In this world that is so focused on success we have forgotten that the most successful people have failed many times, picked themselves up and tried again. 

It seems that the constant push and pull between large and small businesses is alive and well. I call it a love-hate relationship. I was quoting some recent job figures during a speech and noted that small business created 86% of all new jobs in the country in March when the representative of a large business rolled his eyes. I didn’t even need to ask why. I knew the reason.



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