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Conquerors tend not to enjoy a laudable place in the history books, but they do offer lessons in how to get more without settling for less. Pilots refer to PNR—the point of no return. This technical term in air navigation refers to the point in a flight at which, due to fuel consumption, a plane no longer has the capacity to return to its home base. To inspire innovation and reinvention, businesses often face a PNR too, a point in their history when they need to metaphorically burn the boats that brought them.

the ceo magazine, business strategy,
James Pathman, CEO, Data Resolution

Formula car racing and executive leadership have plenty of things in common.  CEOs, like race car drivers, need to call upon fast reflexes, steady nerves and a miles-long strategy perspective that constantly monitors and adapts to competitors, operating conditions and team performance. 

the ceo magazine, business strategy,
Jeffrey Phillips & Alex Verjovsky, Authors, OUTMANEUVER: OutThink, don’t OutSpend

As a CEO you know how much pressure there is to perform. You want to hit the ground running, but you cannot afford to make too many mistakes.  Your board and your investors expect growth.  Customers demand new products and exemplary service. As a CEO I grew a biofuels startup from an idea to over $12 Billion in sales, and I was constantly under pressure to succeed.  Some of the questions I asked myself were: Should I continue with business as usual? How can I make any significant changes at an acceptable risk level? I found an answer in maneuver strategy.



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