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Steve Newhall, Managing Partner, Leadership & Talent Consulting, UK

Business leaders spend significant amounts of time designing and agreeing upon strategy but comparatively little time thinking about their culture.

In a 2014 Korn Ferry survey, while 72% of executives agreed that culture is extremely important to organizational performance, only 32% believed their own organization’s culture is aligned to its business strategies.

Trends can be very difficult to recognize or predict early on. In the early days of MySpace and Facebook, who would have predicted it to be the start of a multi-billion dollar industry? Whether you’re on board or not, industry trends will take you in directions you have no control over. Trends are like waves in the ocean, and businesses, both big and small, have to navigate their ebbs and flows.

The word “innovation” is such a constant in meetings around the world that it has almost become a contender for “corporate buzzword bingo.” Although it is often over-used it is not always well understood in terms of how it should be implemented into organizational culture, or even how it might be best used as a frame for evaluating business strategy.



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