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Scott Edinger, Author, The Hidden Leader

Every time I’ve worked with a senior team in the strategy formulation process, we’ve succeeded. Of course, I’ve never heard any group of executives say their strategy failed when it was created. It is in the implementation or execution that strategies falter, because most strategies rely on people in the organization taking action in new or different ways. That doesn’t happen by declaration. And it doesn’t happen when people are sent to training programs, though it is popular to pitch this to HR or Talent Management. If you want your strategy to work, it is up to the CEO and senior leaders of the business to drive it and you’ll need the help of what I call Hidden Leaders to be your exemplars and role models.

the ceo magazine, succession planning
Mark Doyle, Partner, Tredway Lumsdaine & Doyle LLP

Communication is key when building a lasting business strategy. CEOs know this to be true, and the most successful among them will establish a clear, concise and compelling plan to accomplish their goals. Once those goals are met however, it is surprising how many business leaders drop the ball when building – and communicating – an effective succession plan.

There is a saying that when you host company in your home, be nice until the very last minute they are your guests. If you are nice until the last ten minutes, and then have “words”, the “words” will be remembered and the good time prior to those last minutes will be forgotten.



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