It’s an astonishing statistic, but roughly two out of three change initiatives fail to meet their stated targets.  This is significant since most companies must undertake moderate organizational changes at least once a year (and major changes every four or five years) due to disruption from technology, their industry and/or the competition.

Enough books have been written and enough information is available that, by now, most leaders and managers understand what they need to do to manage change in their organization. They understand the need to get buy-in, secure credible senior sponsors, persuade key influencers in the organization and communicate, communicate, communicate.

Scrooge Haunted by Ghost of Christmas

What did Dickens really show us in his famous Christmas story? Is it really about an old man who had given up hope in the joy of life, or is there a deeper lesson for us to learn?

Within us all is that crooked nosed humbug, Ebenezer Scrooge. Haven’t we all said “humbug” to neighbors who might not be able to speak our language, or “humbug” to those who put their hand out for a donation at the street corner?



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