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Suzanne Bates, CEO, Bates Communications

How many leaders have walked onto a big stage and stumbled at precisely the moment when we hoped they would shine? When Mary Barra appeared before Congress in April to answer for events leading to GM’s recall of 1.6 million vehicles with faulty ignitions, her careful, overly-scripted testimony landed with a thud. The moment cried out for Barra to show up as the CEO heralded to be the “new GM” and to appear concerned, sincere and authentic. Instead of reassuring the public that GM would address the issues, and expressing empathy toward the victims, her responses inspired a Saturday Night Live opening skit that lampooned her lack of candor and responsiveness.

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Ted Gorski, President, Get Your Edge, LLC

In today’s corporate world, leaders need excellent communication skills. Many are being asked to do more with fewer resources while also dealing with the stresses of a corporation that is downsizing and/or tightening budgets. To remain effective, leaders need near perfect communication skills regardless of their own communication type.  Understanding the style of the person you are communicating with can make the difference between getting your message across and getting it across well.

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Geoffrey Tumlin

Five Unrealistic Expectations We Have of Our “Smart”phones and Other Devices (and How to Get Back to Reality)

Advertisements promise that the latest smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets will put blazing speed at our fingertips, enable us to multitask like an octopus, and ensure that we never miss a thing. Because new technology promises—and does—a lot for us, it’s no surprise that we’ve fallen in love with it. But in our enthusiasm for our new digital communication tools, we’ve lost sight of the people behind the tools.



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