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Nicole Ertas, Author, Free Range Brands

Seems like every non-Millennial has a pretty strong opinion of Millennials, good or bad.   And as corporate leaders, we’re feeling their influence from customer demand and expectations to recruiting and retention.  There’s no escaping it:  the Millennials are here.  And at 80 million strong, with a whole new mode of social communication, understanding this new breed can seem daunting.

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Mark Demos and Krisandra Parsons, Founders, Corp-DNA

There is an ancient piece of wisdom that simply asks, “Can two walk together unless they be agreed?”  Agreement is more than a decision to associate or combine forces. Agreement has numerous facets that relate to personality, values and motivators.

Business travel continues to be an integral part of managing a successful business. Establishing a robust, results-oriented corporate travel management program involves many components. The establishment of a concise travel policy, appropriately managing travel expenses and ensuring that both travelling employees and your business are satisfied with travel management results will demonstrate a positive return on investment (ROI) from your corporate travel program.



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