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Robbie Bach, Author, Xbox Revisited: A Game Plan for Corporate and Civic Renewal

When I am introduced as Microsoft’s original Chief Xbox Officer (or CXO), I get all kinds of reactions ranging from “Wow, what a great opportunity” to “Can I have your autograph for my son?”  The Xbox saga was a challenging journey in many ways, and when I decided to write a book about the experience, I quickly realized how much I learned and how much I grew as a leader during the sojourn.  Distance has a great way of bringing important insights.  The result of all of this reflection, Xbox Revisited:  A Game Plan for Corporate and Civic Renewal, takes the lessons from my time as CXO and applies them to both corporate and civic challenges.  So whether you are a CEO of a for profit business, the Executive Director of a non-profit organization, the head of a government agency, or an individual looking to improve, there are some important truths to take from the trials, challenges, and triumphs of the Xbox team.

the ceo magazine, corporate culture,

“Culture,” the new buzzword of the financial recovery, has transformed from an ethereal, abstract otherworldly word to a blunt instrument for finding fault on myriad qualitative matters affecting the organization. When an individual, merger, or organization fails, culture takes the blame. We use the word fairly arbitrarily, citing it to explain why things don't change, won’t change, or can't change. It’s that subtle yet powerful driver that leaders strive—often futilely—to influence.

Blame destroys motivation and trust
Todd C. Williams, Founder & President, eCameron, Inc.

Listening to last year's debate on the troubles with the website it struck me how the blame game destroys business. What at times was more finger pointing than substantive debate about the Obamacare website revolved around "who are we going to fire" rather than how do we make government projects successful and prevent reoccurring failures. And, just when I thought it was over, earlier this week I heard Bill O'Reilly, amidst a solid grilling of President Obama, ask "Why didn't you fire Sebelius?"



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